The Southern Baptist March Toward Irrelevance

Excerpt:  Some of life’s concepts are so defining that, by their very nature, they preclude any alternatives. An individual who is honest ninety-nine percent of the time is a “liar.” Someone who is almost always sober is properly deemed a “drunk.” No common ground exists between the absolutes of right and wrong. And any attempts at finding or establishing such domain will be in vain. Jesus elucidated this perfectly when He warned against the futility of attempting to serve “two masters.”Sadly, the modern Church increasingly ignores His simple counsel and seeks to bridge that gap on a host of issues. The unalterable result is that such misbegotten endorsements of the popular culture cannot and will not effectively solidify “truth” as defined by the latest social or cultural fad. But attempting to relate to the secular world on this basis only causes the Church to lose  its credibility in the eyes of the very people who need it most Read More