Culture of Death: Public and Charter Schools: How Your Children will be Affected

Excerpt: What will Bill H1722’s ban on discrimination on the basis of “gender identity or expression” mean for our schools? All public schools will be required to permit – and encourage -- unimaginable perverted transgender behaviors by students (and teachers, under the employment sections of the law). Even private and religious schools may eventually be affected since they could be considered “public accommodations.” Massachusetts public school curricula, special programs (diversity assemblies), and activities (GLBT clubs) will be forced to normalize transgenderism in all grades, K-12. There is no mention of “conscientious objector” exemptions for teachers and staff, or any respect for their freedom of religion on this issue. Counseling offices will be forced to support children identifying as “transgender” or “bisexual” (as they now are forced to support homosexual identities). Restrooms and locker rooms will have to be opened to opposite-sex students.

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