U. ofVA. Newspaper: "God Tells Mary, You're F--ked"

Excerpt: The student newspaper at the University of Virginia published a cartoon mocking Christians and Christianity after determining it met its own "criteria" at The Cavalier Daily, but later jerked it and has been backpedaling ever since. The illustration – and another earlier cartoon – were the subject of an alert from the American Family Association, which urged readers to take advantage of a special website procedure it set up to send an e-mail to Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, with a copy to Daniel LaVista, the executive director of the state Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

"Last week, the University of Virginia's student paper, The Cavalier Daily, ran a cartoon depicting a naked man smoking a cigarette in bed. Standing beside the bed, a woman in her underwear buttons up her shirt and asks, 'Come on God, be honest – Did you really get a vasectomy? I can't let Joseph find out about this.' The man replies, 'Well, Mary, you're f----d," the AFA said.

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