The Candidate and Reverend Wrong

Excerpt:  It’s been a little over a year since my column “Obamination” originally appeared in this space, but the disturbing nature of Democrat presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s relationship with his pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright finally made it into the mainstream press last week. Several video excerpts of Wright’s sermons were aired in which the Reverend called upon God to damn America (using the common distasteful colloquialism), strongly intimated that the United States “deserved” 9/11 as a consequence of its foreign policy, and made claims that ours is a nation controlled by “rich white people” who engineered the AIDS virus to kill blacks and markets narcotics to blacks in order to keep them incarcerated.That individuals who subscribe to such insanity not only breed but vote is one of the most frightening concepts I can bring to mind at present. Read More