Shackling the Individual by Imposing Racist Pride

Excerpt:  An avid reader, I’ve learned much about individualism and freedom by reading about what life is like when these are taken away from groups of people. I recently finished The Kite Runner (2003) by Khaled Hosseini, which tells the story about being a Hazara minority in Afghanistan, and provides insight into the nature of racism and a glimpse of how it might feel as the recipient of that type of evil. For those interested, there are many non fiction writings available which document the iniquity of racism in this world, for example, Marci Nafziger’s research paper which discusses the extreme injustice that took place during the regime of Pol Pot in, “Khmer Rouge in Cambodia“. (2006) There is a plethora of utopian literature which brings to the logical conclusion what happens when societies reject the notion that man will always be imperfect yet strives to be better based on accepted values of good and bad, instead, imposing an unnatural existence to make the impossible, possible... Read More