Opening the School Door to Communism

Excerpt: The stated purpose of the Education for Sustainability movement is to use education to create "a new cultural norm" in America. In other words, use education as a tool to change our entire culture by manipulating the curriculum and teaching our children new cultural beliefs. Anthony Cortese, the president of Second Nature and one of the leading advocates in the Education for Sustainability movement, clarified their objectives, saying, "Humans are guided by a whole set of beliefs and values, and those come from culture, from religion, from social, economic and political structure. We need to change all of those."

Education for Sustainability is a political tool to change the cultural, religious, social, economic and political structure of our nation. This is not common knowledge because these programs have been presented as nonpartisan environmental education – but this is not accurate. This movement is advancing a partisan agenda that mirrors Green Party goals and communism.

Critical distinctions must be made between sound steps to create ...

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