Stop the Presses! Hillary Lied!

Excerpt:  So Hillary was caught in a brazen lie about her 1996 trip to Bosnia, in which she lately claims to have landed in the midst of a sniper attack, even having to duck and run for cover at the airfield. Is anyone surprised? Certainly nobody who has dispassionately observed the Clintons on the national scene over the past sixteen years, nor the forthright citizens of Arkansas who witnessed such behavior for much longer than that.The only people who are really astounded this time around are the Clintons and their minions. Hillary’s foray into being “human” (as she rationalizes her phony recounting of the incident), merely constitutes standard practice. Far more stunning is that, this time around, the national media have opted to point out the fabrication, which is a great departure from their past willingness to abet the hoaxes of the former First Lady and husband Bill. Read More