Ebony and Ivory: What Barack Thinks About Race

Excerpt:  This month’s WireSide Chat concerns the ever-widening problem that Democrat candidate for president Barack Obama is having with the race issue. Initially, Obama was the candidate that “transcended” race. But, since revelations of 20 years of racist and anti-American rhetoric by his “spiritual mentor,” Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr., has come to light, Barack has transformed from the candidate who might be able to get us past race as a political issue to just another race card throwing, hatemongering, bomb thrower.Reverend Wright spent the entire time that Barack has known him hurling anti-Semetic, anti-American and anti-White “sermons” from the pulpit. But, suddenly — and curiously just as he’s running for president — Obama has decided that he disagrees with the man he’s been known to call his “spiritual mentor.” For 20 years Obama didn’t mind Wright’s hate speech a bit, of course. But it doesn’t do to have a presidential candidate being know to hang out with someone who hates the very country Obama wants to become the leader of. Read More