Chuck Morse: Liberal Agenda of the Teachers Unions

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Liberal agenda of the Teachers Unions

Harassment by teachers unions of city and town governments is rapidly increasing across the country and most of these public tax-funded unions are affiliated with the National Education Association. Each year the NEA holds a national conference where the latest initiatives are endorsed and sent down to the local affiliates for implementation to the degree that local conditions permit. Teaching methods are recommended and liberal political causes that have nothing to do with education are pushed.The NEA  is allied with ultra liberal special interests.
The philosophy of the taxpayer funded NEA was articulated as early as 1934 when NEA Executive Secretary Dr. Willard Givens wrote "We are convinced that we stand today at the verge of a great culture...But to achieve these things many drastic changes must be made. A dying laissez-faire must be completely destroyed, and all of us, including the owners, must be subjected to a large degree of social control." 
In 1967, NEA Executive Secretary Sam Lambert stated "the NEA will become a political power second to no other special interest group. . . . NEA will have more and more to say about how a teacher is educated, whether he should be admitted to the profession, and whether he should stay in the profession." 
The NEA and its local affiliates use their enormous financial resources in support of their political friends and in opposition to their political enemies. Taxpayer derived funds are thus used to promote political agendas and education methods that fail to take into account the best interest of the children of the taxpayer. The result has been a behemoth political machine that bestrides the whole country, the largest and richest in the history of this nation. The taxpayers are paying for this political corruption and It's time to put an end to it.
It's time for municipalities to offer their public school teachers individual contracts that stipulate that the teacher resign from the union. The teacher will immediately get a pay increase as the money previously going toward union dues would go directly into  their paychecks. Cities and towns should offer their teachers contracts that include incentives for the teacher to leave the union. The teachers would make more money and the municipality would save money by eliminating the union officials, most of whom are not teachers, along with their expensive perks. The savings could be then applied to extra curricular programs related to art, music, and athletics.
The elected school boards ought to re-assert their authority as representatives of the community by voting on education methods. If a city or town wishes to implement a liberal style of education they should have the right to do so and vise versa regarding a more conservative model. The school door should be opened up, secrecy should end, and the taxpayer should have a direct say in how their children are being educated.
If the people of Lexington, Mass, as an example, favor teaching same-sex marriage or if the people of Newton, Mass. favor a graphic style of sex education, that should be the right of the residents of those communities. If a more conservative community wants an abstinence curriculum, or a curriculum that introduces the US Constitution as a high school text, that should be their right as well. Citizens must assert their natural right to determine the best means of educating their own children. We should trust in our ability to exercise the levers of freedom, liberty, and common sense.