Baldwin: I Would Bring Our Troops Home

Excerpt: WND: What is your assessment of the 2008 presidential race? Typically, third-party candidates have struggled even to get attention. Baldwin: I think this year is different from anything that we've ever experienced in my lifetime. I think the American people are extremely fed up with the two major parties. I don't believe that any of the main three candidates, John McCain, Hillary or Obama, have captured the loyalty of the American people. I think the electorate is totally open to alternative candidates and ideas this year. I think furthermore there is a deep distrust and suspicion among the American people that the two major parties have their best interests at heart. Therefore I think the opportunity is wide open for an independent or a third-party candidate to do well. As to what the outcome will be, that's in the hands of God. But I do believe this is an historic opportunity for third-party or independent party candidates.

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