Symbiosis: Rev. Wright and Subversive Media

Excerpt:  There’s not much point left to arguing whether the provocative vitriol purveyed by Trinity United Church’s former pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright in his sermons was warranted, understandable, excusable or in any way accurate. This columnist and an increasing number of Americans believe Wright’s tirades were wholly inexcusable and thus by nature cannot be explained away, as many have attempted to do. One would no sooner argue with a Holocaust denier, as such excursions are folly.Nor is there much profit in attempting to divine whether former Trinity congregant and likely Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama subscribes to Wright’s philosophy or was ever exposed to Wright’s anti-American, racist rhetoric. Obama isn’t going to disclose that without sufficient motivation, and it is difficult to imagine this occurring, as it would prove him a liar based upon what he has already declared. Only the most gullible or self-deceiving individual would believe the extent of Obama’s stated ignorance as regards Wright’s bigotry given the extent and length of their association Read More