We're in for a Bumpy Ride America

Excerpt: To say that Republicans should be concerned about their prospects in November(at least as far as congressional races go) is something of an understatement. Republicans shouldn't be concerned, they should be terrified. Not only are Reopublicans losing special elections, they are losing them in paces where they have enjoyed success in the past. You know that when the GOP loses in Mississippi it's all over. The Republicans desertion of conservative principles, and the culture of corruption that infected them when they became the ruling party, are going to catch up to them, in spades. If things keep going like this congressional Republicans are looking at their worst beating since 1974, where they lost 48 seats. Well, maybe that's a bit much. But considering the GOP lost 30 seats in 2006, they've been doing poorly in special elections and 30 Republicans have declared they are going to retire one would have to have their head buried in the sand to not see the catastrophe ahead.

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