Defend Your Values While You Still Can

Excerpt: 'No deception, no matter how skilled or sophisticated, can hide the devastation caused by the sexual revolution and its radical wing, the gay rights movement. Broken homes, child abuse, abortion and AIDS are the inevitable result of a false view of sexual morality.' –Michael S. Heath

Militant homosexuals are shutting downfree speech. They've been targeting speakers, workshops, and conferences. Basically anyeventwhere a conservative view on homosexuality is presented by a speaker, or discussed/debated during a workshop is fair game. Gritty 'gay' radicals are troubled thatpeople will hear the conservative side of the argument that says, 'gays can change.' In the last month several news sources reported that some 'gays' and lesbians intent on muzzling free speech have started rioting. Once they've taken over, 'queer activists' march around clapping, screaming, beating on pots and pans and chanting at the top of their lungs, 'We're here, we're queer. Get used to it!' and 'H--l no, we won't go

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