Birmingham on the Brink

Excerpt: Many of my readership are aware that since January, in addition to my weekend column, I have endeavored during the week to present systematically proven, substantive policy ideas regarding the present crisis of leadership in Detroit and the legal battles of Mayor King Kwame Kilpatrick ("KKK"). However, since this epic drama of ghetto proportions has devolved recently into attempts by the prosecutor to recuse the entire judicial bench of the 36th District Court, alleging conflict of interest by being on Kwame's payroll, or which judge threw grapes at some other judge's wife, my editor has graciously given me leave of Detroit to allow me to roam around to other cities and towns throughout America to address this critical question: How has America's tragic love affair with socialism for the past 75 years, since FDR's "New Deal," worked out in America's cities, towns and villages in modern times?

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