Jim Webb & Obama: Enjoy Playing in Sandbox of Fiscal Waste and Media Circus

Excerpt: Freshman Senators Jim Webb and Barack Hussein Obama enjoy playing in the sandbox of fiscal waste and media circus.The play box sand, however, is really American worker tax revenue. Complete with plastic bucket, shovel, and legislative diapers, the very inexperienced freshman senators play contently. They throw dollars into the air in celebration. They play to themedia. They debate the New GI Bill in the court of public opinion, instead of the Chamber floor. They offer billions in hard earned tax base to anyone that will play with them. Barack Hussein Obama tells everyone he is a better patriot than John McCain. If John McCain will not play in the Sandbox of fiscal stupidity, he is scorned as anti Veteran. If he goes along with this Bill he is not fiscally responsible. Barack Hussein Obama tells everyone this. The twins, blow Rasberries and feel good about themselves!"The Psuedo Winter Soldier'" and the" Oportunist commiserator"wallow in their liberal caos. Read More