Which is Right? Jesus Christ or the Church of Oprah?

Excerpt: There are a lot of people searching, and rather than write about what's happening in the news, I decided to write about something much more important. People are looking for meaning, purpose and assurance; they're looking for God. And it seems as though we have done such a poor job of showing them where to look that they're turning to ridiculous counterfeits, including the Church of Oprah. Sure, she's popular – even if her television ratings have slipped, she's got her own network and is on the cover of her magazine every single month. But now she's leading people astray by the millions, and I'm not just talking about her campaign for Barack Obama. What bothers me most is that Oprah claims to know better than Jesus. When it comes to getting to heaven, she confidently proclaims, "There couldn't possibly be just one way."

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