Obama's Lust for the Presidency

Excerpt: Rookie United States Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is the current frontrunner for the 2008 Democrat presidential nomination because (1) he ran a strategically smart campaign, initially running as a post-race candidate who happened to be black in overwhelmingly white Iowa and New Hampshire and then receiving about 90% of the black vote in the South Carolina Democrat presidential primary (in which the black vote was decisive), (2) the liberal media enthusiastically supported him as the most liberal alternative, ignoring his lies and gaffes and treating his lack of military experience, youth and lack of singificant political accomplishment as advantages, (3) the media did not even really start to subject him to scrutiny until March 2008 (a year after he had begun his presidential campaign and after he had survived Super Tuesday and gone on a long winning streak), (3) both race and gender helped him in his race against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, as 1984 Democrat vice presidential candidate Geraldine A. Ferraro publicly explained, with the black vote lining up solidly (but not unanimously) behind him as the candidate with some black blood and more men voting for Obama because Hillary is a woman than women voted against Obama because Obama is a man. Read More