Will Obama's Presidential Dream End Soon?

Excerpt: Why isn’t Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton surrendering? Perhaps Team Clinton expects rookie United States Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.’s very problematic but generally unknown Kenyan connections and Michelle “Black Community first and foremost” Obama’s politically dangerous bluntness to capture national attention and torpedo his presidential campaign before the Democrat National Convention in August. The American people have been prepared for that over the last few months. Public attention finally was focused on the politically naïve and inexperienced young Obama’s bad judgment and association with Black Liberation Theology, Trinity United Church of Christ, Rev. Jeremiah A. “God damn America” Wright, Jr., Father Michael Pflleger, Minister Louis Farrakhan, William “domestic terrorist” Ayers, Tony “slumlord” Rezko and other unsavory persons. More and more people have realized that Obama is a typical political opportunist with a pleasant demeanor and a gift for soaring (but vague) oratory who happens to be half white and half black and willing to throw his white grandmother (and others) under the bus if politically necessary, NOT the post-racial “savior” that they had hoped and even believed he was.

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