Col. Gov. Signs Bill Allowing Transgendered Males to Use Ladies Restrooms, Lockers

Excerpt:  On Thursday, Ritter signed Senate Bill 200 which expands "ant-discrimination" law to cover sexual orientation, meaning not only homosexuality or bisexuality, but also "transgender status or another person's perception thereof."... A major criticism of the bill by conservatives is that it appears to allow men who self-identify as "transgender" a legal right to demand to be able to user women's bathrooms, health club showers, bathhouses, and any other "public accomodation".

Importantly, the bill does not define "transgender".

...In other words, not only is there no legal definition for transgender, but there isn't even a solid dictionary definition for a court to rely on. Instead, transgender status is a matter of self-identification, rendering such a claim to be nearly impossible to prove or disprove.

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