Republican Reconstruction

Excerpt: This column is the second part of Libertarian Vox Day's interview with former Bush administration speechwriter David Frum about his intriguing new book, entitled "Comeback: Conservatism That Can Win Again." Vox Day: I thought one of the more astute observations in "Comeback: Conservatism That Can Win Again" was that in a time when 50 percent of the American public doesn't pay income taxes, payroll taxes are a much more important factor from the political perspective.

David Frum: Not as important a factor, by the way, as health care. If you look at the personal economy of people in the middle of the income distribution, for them, health care functions like a tax. It is the thing that is cutting into their income. They're getting the same benefit, or actually, it's deteriorating from their point of view even if it's more technologically sophisticated, but it costs more. Fewer things are covered, you have to pay higher co-pays, it's a degrading benefit, but you are paying a larger and larger slice of your claim on the American economy to buy it. I think that is a really important consideration, so if you believe in the principle of limited government, the idea that we're always going to approach limited government in exactly the same way that we did in 1977 is to have fossilized thinking. …

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