Where No Enemy has gone Before

Excerpt:  There’s an axiom in Recovery (as in from addiction) circles which asserts that addictions are but symptoms of deeper emotional or psychological problems. Leaving aside the debate as to whether this holds water, I submit that the tremendous success of Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama is but a symptom of the broader disease: The establishment media (which includes broadcast news and print sources as well as the entertainment media) has finally subverted enough of the collective mind of America to usher in the era of socialism toward which the far Left has been maneuvering us for the last 40 years.Like the seizure that alerted Sen. Ted Kennedy’s doctors that he was suffering from a grave condition, it is just a symptom – albeit a very nasty one. “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals…”

-“Agent K,” from the film Men in Black

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