The Hypocrisy of Socialism

Excerpt: In Jonah Goldberg's most recent column, he talks about how the Senate has finally decided to privatize their food service, which had been run by the government. Bad food, incompetence and high costs were the hall mark of the system. But incompetence and high costs are inherent in any socialistic system.

In any communist or socialist country there are two different systems. One for the elites that run the country, another system for everyone else. Take the much vaunted Cuban health system. Wealthy tourists and high ranking party officials are treated at state of the art facilities, while the average Cuban would rather die than go to the hospital. In fact he's more likely to die in the hospital. The hospitals are rat infested, understaffed, and usually don't have any medicines to give their patients. When the Democrats talk about universal health care, they mean they want the Castro system for the United States.

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