Just HOW STUPID are American Voters?

Excerpt: I came across a new article by J.B. Williams the other day. He answers the question above … completely! The article is titled: “Are American Voters as Stupid as Democrats Bank On”? We recommend you read Mr. Williams article at: http://newsbyus.com/index.php/article/754

I have long since given up on the idea of the Intelligent American Voter. I don’t think they even matter in American elections, anyway. Even the political parties don’t go after intelligent Americans. The political parties know the combined intellect of the mass of American voters is slightly higher than that of a common gnat. How else does one explain the election of Bill Clinton… not once, but twice?

As we prepare to elect America’s first Socialist/Marxist President, it may be too late to contemplate what got us to this place, to this “terminus” of American democracy.

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