Obama Would Be a Clinton Third Term

Excerpt:  Forget about the rancor of the Democrat Primary season. That is all history now. In truth, the heated rivalry between the two candidates was hardly an indicator of any philosophical or moral differences between them, but only a strident argument about which liberal “messiah” deserved to be president. Even the fierceness of their efforts was itself a reflection of comparable components of raw ambition that each possesses.One had to win eventually, so the fact that it was Barack Obama does not suggest a prevailing trend from “near left” to “far left” in the nation’s heartland, or anything nearly so profound as that. Rather, after a jackrabbit start in the early primaries, follow by mixed messages of tepid support and resounding rejection in later states, his supporters insisted that the momentum had begun to snowball in his direction. And since the Democrat playbook relies so heavily on the bent of the news media, their chosen candidate was bound to eventually prevail. Read More