Racism and Obama


This is truly pathetic. From now till the election any tough question leveled at Barack Obama will be responded to with screams of 'racism'? Well it's par for the course.

Oh but don't take my word for it. Go look at about 10k liberal blogs backing Obama against Clinton. Why vote for Hillary? Because not voting for her makes you a sexist. Why vote for Obama? Because not voting for him makes you a racist. I guess libs care more about the plight of blacks than the plight of women. So ladies – to the back of the equality bus please.

Ninety five percent of the lefties I've argued with call me a racist for not supporting Barack. Conversely ninety five percent of the lefties I've argued with can't tell me what Obama stands for. All they see is his dark skin tone and they get all gushy. I thought a 'racist' was someone who judged people solely based on their color. So who's the racist here? I know why I'm opposed to Obama and it has nothing to do with how he looks.


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