Oil Everywhere and we Can't Afford Gas

Excerpt: The next time some one tells you drilling for oil now won't reduce the price of gas, tell them that if they start saving now it won't effect their retirement. They are just parroting their socialist liberal whackos. We have 800 billion barrels of reclaimable oil in the Rockies. That is three times the oil available to Saudi Arabia. Take that, the oil in Anwar add the reserves in the Dakotas with our off shore oil we would be the number one oil producer in the world. That is were we would stand if Bill Clinton had not vetoed the bill to drill in Anwar. If we had started then to drill for our own oil, update and build new refineries the price of a barrel of oil would be $40.00. Our gas price would be $2.00 or less a gallon. Saudi Arabia would not be in a position to be funding the teaching of hate in our schools and Mr. Bin Laden might not have ever been in a position to be causing so much trouble. The world situation would be totally different. These barrels of oil would also provide more investment for other sources of energy. The world would be in much better shape.So don't be fooled by those that refuse to allow domestic drilling. Encourage the development of nuclear energy and every other means if energy but drilling is a requirement for our energy independence. Read More