Radical Environmentalism: The Imperfect Storm

Excerpt:  Liberals inadvertently delivered a telling message in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. In essence, it is the same message they have sent on the heels of every major calamity, whether natural or man-made, to befall the nation during the past several decades. Let a heat wave hit or a bridge collapse, and their first impulse is to assign guilt, invariably among their political opposition. But by their immediate and hysterical finger-pointing, they telegraph their desperation to avoid any culpability for the real problems at hand.Thus, we were told, the hardship and suffering resulting from Katrina was not to be blamed on the lavishly funded but totally corrupted local and state governments that did almost nothing worthwhile prior to the catastrophe, despite having received enormous supplies of money to prepare for the inevitability of a major hurricane. Instead, the negative attention was directed at the lack of a sufficient federal response once the area had been devastated by the thoroughly anticipated storm. Read More