A Jail-Cell with Your Name on It?

Excerpt: On July 1, I was in Denver breaking the new state law by handing out my book, "The Criminalization of Christianity: Read this before it becomes Illegal." Although I was a bit high-profile to arrest right now, the "Bible Ban Bathroom Bill" (SB 200 – now law) I was protesting not only welcomes men wearing dresses into your daughter's shower room, it bans books like mine and ... the Bible. This month, a homosexual (with a blog on Obama's campaign website) sued publishers of the Bible for $70 million because he didn't like being called a sinner.

Last week, "we heard about the law that passed the House in Brazil that would send pastors, teachers and ordinary citizens to jail for up to five years for disagreeing with homosexual behavior – in church, in school or in a private conversation that is overheard and reported to the authorities.

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