Pastors: Get on the Battlefield!

Excerpt: "I'm not concerned about that (2008 presidential election) for five seconds. It has nothing to do with the kingdom of God. … His kingdom has nothing to do with this world." Those words spoken by renowned pastor, author and speaker Dr. John MacArthur recently as part of a radio interview, combined with his belief that our Declaration of Independence was an unscriptural act of rebellion, cry out for a biblically and historically accurate response. The breathtakingly unscriptural nature of his position is tragically held by many evangelicals who have bought into the "sacred vs. secular" dichotomy referenced in the works of the great theologian Frances Schaeffer as a departure from biblical Christianity. The most compelling reason why he is wrong is that his position is contrary to the Dual Mandate of the Great Commission as described by Dr. D. James Kennedy:

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