Frontpage Magazine Interview with Authors of "From Crayons to Condoms"

Excerpt: FP: Give us a brief overview of what is taking place in public schools today. Why is this happening?

Holgate: We are seeing a dramatic shift in education from “effective” education, meaning concrete academics, to “affective” education, meaning the teaching of attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviors. One of the reasons for this “shift” is that activist legislators are mandating that teachers divert valuable classroom time from solid academics to the promotion of personal agendas.

Baldwin: Our schools have become laboratories for social engineering and are no longer places where knowledge is transmitted.

FP: What are some ways that valuable classroom time is wasted in our public schools? Tell us some of the more bizarre examples.

Baldwin: Whole language, death education, New Math, cooperative learning, inventive spelling and many other fads that have little to do with education

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