Thoughts on Freedom

Excerpt:  As I write this, I've just finished watching the German film Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others), which won an Oscar for best foreign film. It details the activities of the Stasi, the East German Secret Police as they tracked and monitored hundreds of thousands of East Germans who posed a "risk" or "threat" to the state, or to the "collective good". This film reminded me how blessed we are, how privileged we are to live in freedom. How easy it is to forget that freedom is not the norm, rather it is the exception. Our peaceful transfer of power from one party to another every 4 or 5 years without violence or bloodshed is truly remarkable in light of human history. While we, in the West, are far from perfect, we are certainly the exception to a world of state control, of oppression, of "planning" for common good. Consider how Russia has slid back towards tyranny and "control" by the state. Read More