Commentary by Linda: Pagan Monism in America

In an on-line debate between a typical Liberal and myself, my opponent made the observation that:

Conservatives/Christians... "cant ever be re-programmed,-------they are like Kodak film that, once exposed and fixed, can never be changed, no matter how much light you shine on them. "

In response, I explained that his reasoning, such as it is, is simply the regurgitated and completely warped rationalization utilized by  Lenin, Stalin, et al prior to giving the go-ahead for the mass liquidation of millions of people.   Their justifications were based on Karl Marx's historical determinism, which is materialistic monism and fatalism. 

In the religious dogma of materialistic monism, the creator of "everything that is" (ie, universe, earth, life) is Thinking Matter, the Absolute Substance.  Thus "all is one" (as everything is an extension of Matter, there is 'oneness' in matter).  God is reimagined as 'History" and History's outworkings are called  Determinism.  This is simply pagan fatalism reinvented.  Fatalism is the pagan view which states that because man is merely an extension of Matter (or Nature or Cosmos), he is a helpless victim of the unseen forces and movements of his creator (Nature,Matter, Cosmos).  The Greeks, for instance, believed that man's complete life-story was rigidly predetermined by the movements of the sun, moon, stars, and planets.  Lacking free-will (free will is uniquely Biblical in origin) man was helplessly borne along by the Fates, Furies, Destinies, or Nemesis, the names applied to the outworkings of Nature.  All good and evil were the result of good luck (chance) or bad luck (chance).  Example: some few individuals had the good luck of being preordained by Nature as godmen while for the faceless masses, it was their predetermined Fate to live and die as slaves.   

In today's materialist monism, "Change" is simply reinvented Fates, Destinies, Furies, or Nemesis.  The goddess Change is in relentless upward evolutionary change-mode aka progress.  Today's Progressives are monists.

 In application, this dogma declares that those people whom the "One" (Matter, Nature, Cosmos) has bypassed by way of evolutionary Change, are dinosaurs who by their continued existence, are holding back upward evolutionary Change (or Progress).  Change has determined their Fate as death.  It was on this perverse reasoning that Lenin and Stalin liquidated 60,000,000 Christians, property owners, and all others deemed 'dinosaurs.' 

Materialistic monism/determinsm is even more extreme than ancient pagan monism/fatalism in that it views even man's thoughts as the product of Matter.   The ancients at least possessed the sense to view man's thoughts as free, or uncaused, by Nature.  However, man's thoughts could not in any way save him from his rigidly predetermined Fate.

Today's neo-pagans call the Fates by another name,  "Change", and that they worship Change is evidenced by the Liberal platform, the entirety of which is contained in one 'sacred' word: 'Change."