The Untold Story of Pastor Henry

Excerpt:  When cyclone Nargis struck in early May, the forgotten country of Myanmar was thrust into the world’s media spotlight. The images of destruction and desolation which filled our TV screens are not easily forgotten. But there is a story which never hit the headlines.

A story of suffering, injustice and persecution.

It’s the story of Myanmar’s tribal Christians.

Pastor Henry is one of them. A courageous servant of God, he recently left his village and made a risky border-crossing into a neighboring country. There he was met by an Open Doors team, who took time to encourage and pray with Henry—and to ask him about the suffering of believers inside Myanmar today.

“What kind of persecution do you want to know about?” asked Pastor Henry, almost in tears. Speaking softly, Henry began. “In February this year, I visited a village of the Pi tribe,” he shared. “While I was preaching in one of the house churches, drunkards came and beat me up.”

Severe beating

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