Give Me Your Poor, Your Tired, and Your HIV Infected?

PatriotPost.US, 08-33 "Give me your tired, your poor... and your HIV-infected.” This could become U.S. immigration law’s new motto. Thanks to a bill signed last week by President Bush authorizing $48 billion to fight HIV and AIDS, a decades-old federal law banning foreigners with the diseases from entering the country may soon be a thing of the past. All that now stands in the way of a complete repeal is the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services’ removing HIV from the HHS list of “communicable diseases of public health significance.” (This is indeed curious, given that HIV is both “communicable” and “of public health significance.”) Opponents of the ban are quick to note that with modern medical knowledge of how HIV/AIDS is spread, the preclusive law is unnecessary. Yet, they fail to highlight the economic impact the influx of infected individuals will have on the U.S. healthcare system, not to mention the very likely increase in the spread of the disease. The Congressional Budget Office forecasts approximately 4,300 HIV-infected immigrants will enter the country in 2013, with the number rising to 5,600 by 2018. And the cost? A whopping $83 million in public funds. Apparently, national interests take second place to ensuring an “inclusive” immigration policy—regardless of the cost.