They're Baaacckk! (the Clintons)

PatriotPost.US, 08-34 "They’re baaacckkk. Rested and ready, the Clinton crew is busy stirring the pot again. Fresh from a nearly six-week layoff, Hillary and her team are picking up where they left off in June. Her pledges of unity and wholehearted acceptance of Barack Obama as the Democratic Party’s nominee seem to be, well, halfhearted... More important in the short run, there isn’t much [Obama] can do about the Clintons, either. Sort of like the Russians, they do it because they can. They are who they are... But there is no use blaming the Clintons. They can’t help themselves. There’s also another reason not to blame them. It’s Obama’s fault that he isn’t able to shut the door on their endless soap opera. He could never deliver the knockout punch during the primaries and limped across the finish line barely ahead of Hillary in delegates. Even more shocking is that he hasn’t benefited from her absence and ostensible support. He didn’t get a lasting bounce after she conceded June 7 and has actually slipped recently in head-to-head matchups against John McCain. Now that she’s back, her shadow is magnified by his weakness. The more he underperforms the generic Democratic brand, the larger she looms.” —Michael Goodwin