Commentary by Linda: Envy, the Primordial Sin

In his article (posted yesterday), "If God Doesn't Exist", Dennis Prager noted, "We are constantly reminded about the destructive consequences of religion —intolerance, hatred, division, inquisitions, persecutions of "heretics," holy wars. Though far from the whole story, they are, nevertheless, true. There have been many awful consequences of religion."

Commentary:In the West, and here in America, the ones who constantly remind us of Christianity's sins fall into two circles, an inner circle and an outer circle. 

Within the outer circle are many types of individuals. There are anarchists, mainly the youth, whose self-centeredness and naive idealism lends itself to both impossible dreams and abhorrence of the word, 'no.'  Naturally allied to the anarchists are those who, saddled with hideous impulses such as homosexuality, fantasize of a world in which man's created being, truth, reality, and all rules can be redefined and work differently. Then there are those who have been fed a steady diet of hysteria and paranoia producing propaganda with regards to Christianity and Christians.   Therefore, these people----dumbed-down, duped and deceived by the inner circle of liars--- truly fear Christianity and Christians.  For them, Yahweh is truly evil.

The inner circle are those who know the truth but hate it. They know that God does in fact exist, but because they want to be gods themselves, they need for everyone else to believe He doesn't exist. 

 They most want to be freed of the yoke of morality and conscience in order that they may sin but 'sin divinely,' as the ancient stone gods and their earthly 'chosen ones' (ie., Nimrod, the Pharoahs, etc) did. To them, liberty is license.   Driven by narcissism (pride), incessantly gnawed by greed, lust, and envy, these erstwhile tyrants desire totalizing power and vengeance above all things.   In Job 4:10, they are called "roaring lions, lionesses, and their whelps." 

They are base hypocrites pretending to a moral righteousness they have no authority for.  Their slander and accusations are tell-tale signs of that most mysterious and blackest of all sins: envy, the Primordial Sin.