Obama to Redistribute America's Wealth?

Excerpt:  'Redistribution of the Wealth' is a phrase we hear a lot during election campaigns in America.Those of youalready living in socialist countries understand what it really means. For the most part, Americans do not. You see, here in America we built a country based on a citizen's ability to better himself using the talents God gave him. He is limited only by the limits of his own capabilities. Here in America, a child can dream of becoming rich and, if he has it in him, he can make that dream come true. Government interference is considered not only an inconvenience; it is an impediment to success in America. But that holds true in any society. Once the government intrudes into your business, you can close the doors, because they will smother your business with their rules and regulations, applied layer upon layer, until the death of your dream is imminent. Small businesses are the first to succumb.Read More