From the Left: Symbolism Speaks Volumes: The DNC's Upside-Down Flag

PatriotPost.US, 08-34 The Democrat National Convention Committee has begun circulating identification badges for the Denver gathering, and the image they chose for the badge says a lot about the party’s views of America and Barack Obama’s place in it. The image essentially depicts an upside down American flag with Obama swathed in the star field in a determined outward looking pose, much like old Soviet propaganda posters of V.I. Lenin or Joe Stalin. An American flag flown upside down is a maritime distress signal, perhaps appropriate considering Obama’s latest polling trends. We don’t expect liberals to have any accurate knowledge of flag etiquette (other than how to burn one), but the image of Obama wrapped in an American flag is grand hypocrisy, considering his refusal to wear a flag lapel pin. Obama’s distaste for Old Glory also extends to his campaign plane. After a $500,000 overhaul of his North American Airlines 757, the American flag that adorned the tail of the jet was replaced with the Obama campaign logo—a fine illustration of his narcissism. The jet lost the carrier’s corporate logo too, itself based on the Stars & Stripes, and apparently a little bit too patriotic for the candidate’s tastes.