Commentary by Linda: Progressivism/Liberalism is Heresy

American Progressivism/Liberalism is first cousins to the quasi-pagantotalitarian religions spawned by the virulently anti-God-and-Christian French Revolution, to wit: Marxist Communism, National Socialism (nazism).  In fact, in his book "Liberal Fascism," author and historian Jonah Goldberg reveals that the very first totalitarian regime of the 20th century was right here in America under Pres. Woodrow Wilson, a Progressive.  America's second totalitarian regime was under Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  In both regimes, extensive collusion existed between Progressives, Communists, and all other revolutionary variants, such as Secular Humanism, Fabianism, and Socialism.

All three regimes at first politicized and manipulated Christianity with the help of Liberal Christians.   Their goal?  To turn the religious instinct of the people onto a 'god-State' and divinized Christ-like avante garde.

Hitler was a pagan false Christ who  made his dark pact with Wotan.    Karl Marx, Father of Scientific Socialism and the Communist Manifesto can best be understood by his demonic envy of God and the Ninth Commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Covet."  Marx made his dark pact with Lucifer in his various Luciferian poems and his play, Oulanem.    Lenin, whose master was Marx, was another psychopath and false Christ.   He, like Hitler and Woodrow Wilson, outwardly denied his god-complex while doing nothing to prevent his divinization.   Stalin---another psychopath--one described by his daughter Svetlana as possessed by a demon---also outwardly denied his god-complex while doing everything possible to promote it.

Obama, a Marxist/Progressive and disciple of the evil Machiavelli who advised his power-hungry disciples to, "Pretend to be righteous in order to do whatever you want,"  yearns to follow in the footsteps of the 'false Christs' briefly detailed above.  With help from a worshipful media, he postures himself as a Christlike messiah. He, like the others briefly discussed here, is but another false Christ.