Commentary by Linda: America's Pagan Monism

Most Americans today accept as true two false assumptions.  The first is that American Progressivism/Liberalism and Marxist Communism have nothing in common.  The second is that Nazism (National Socialism) emerged from the Right (Conservatives/Republicans)  and it is the height of folly and ignorance, to believe otherwise.

 America's founding worldview is ethical monotheism (Christian theism). Ethical monotheism teaches that there is one Creator, and He is distinct from His creation.  By extension, Yahweh's creatures (mankind) are also distinct from creation.  Indeed, Yahweh has made mankind His stewards over creation.  This doctrine is Dominion, and from it comes our private property rights.  By extension, ethical monotheism holds that there are two realms: the natural and the supernatural. 

 All Conservatives and Republicans who adhere to America's founding worldview are wittingly, or unwittingly, ethical monotheists. By this is meant that there are individuals who are atheists or believers of other religions but who nevertheless cherish and support America's founding worldview and its principles.

By contrast, Liberalism/Progressivism, National Socialism (Nazism), and Marxist Communism are types of monism (paganism). The word pagan comes from the Latin paganus, which means 'of the earth.'  Monism teaches that the creation, be it matter (materialism) or impersonal world soul (pantheism) is the creator and everything, including man, is 'one with creation.'  Man is not an individual standing outside of creation, rather he is 'of the same stuff' as creation, that is, he is merely an extension of nature and 'one with' all creatures: mammals, fish, and insects.  In some forms of pantheism, man is also 'one with' trees, vegetation, sun, moon, stars, and so on.  By extension, monism teaches that there is only one realm, the natural realm. 

All of the following are types of monism (paganism): Jacobinism (from the French Revolution), National Socialism (Fascism/Nazism), Marxist Communism, Progressivism, Socialism, Fabianism, Secular Humanism, New Age, Wicca, Satanism, Gnosticism, Liberal 'Christianity,' Roisicrucianism, Hermeticism, LuciferianTheosophy, and Anthroposophy.   

Of these, only Marxist Communism is materialistic monism.  Secular Humanism originated as materialistic monism but has since crossed over into pantheistic monism.    The rest are pantheist variants. Gnosticism is occult pantheism as is Luciferian Theosophy.  The Jesus Seminar is currently syncretizing Gnosticism with the Bible.

When Paul debated the pagans in the Greek aeropagus, he debated materialists and pantheists.    The early Church Fathers battled Gnosticism, finally forcing it into retreat.    Today however, America, Christianity, and the Bible are under fierce assault by a renewed occult Gnostic pantheism, both from within the church (ie, Jesus Seminar, Liberal Christianity) and without. 

Monism and ethical monotheism are like oil and water, dark and light.  Monism is the complete antithesis of ethical monotheism and is, by extension,  totally destructive of ethical monotheism. If monism is victorious, our entire way of life---individual freedoms and rights-- will be erased along with our Founding Documents.