The 'Lightbulb Commissars'

PatriotPost.US, 08-35

addition to alcohol and cigarette and drug smuggling, we should soon be able to discuss incandescent light bulb smuggling. That’s right folks, as we have reported before, those geniuses we continue to elect to Congress decreed that 20-cent filament light bulbs must be replaced by $3 compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) beginning in 2012. Readers may note that only the manufacture and sale of the bulbs will be illegal, not possession. Buy incandescents now while it’s still legal.Now, it is true that, properly used, CFLs are more energy efficient than filaments. They do claim “up to” 10,000 hours of life. But proper use involves long periods of continuous use, proper disposal to avoid mercury poisoning, buying fixtures in which they will fit—something we’re sure most folks are looking to do anyway—and living with the fact that they simply will not turn on completely bright, taking time to warm up. We’re sure Congress thought of all that when making this tough decision for the American public. Free choice in the marketplace is overrated anyway.