Commentary by Linda: Demonic Karl Marx

At the deepest level of all, the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century--Marxist Communism, Progressive Liberalism and National Socialism (Nazism), which in their syncretized globalist form of today is known as Transnational Progressivism, is about the 'human condition" (sin nature), with emphasis on vastly inflated narcissism (pride) and envy.  When virulent pride inflates with envy, it becomes diabolical and/or demonic narcissism.  In 'The Lord of the Rings,' JR Tolkien depicts the outworkings of diabolical narcissism as Sauron's blasted Hell.


It's well known, even among his most ardent disciples that Karl Marx was demonic.   Even his own father asked him "what demon has possessed you?" Marx was a necrophilious (obsessed with death, excrement, etc) individual; a violent man, hate and a call for the destruction of everything existing were his only valid emotions.


In his Luciferian poems, eyeballs spurted blood, dark voices roared demonically and a death-haunted planet writhed and convulsed under chaos.  The hero of his play, 'Oulanam,' sets out to annihilate the world, its order, and its people.  When Marx demanded that 'everything existing be destroyed,' that included people as well.  Oulanam is Lucifer and/or Marx, who must "shatter (the world) with his long-drawn curses."  The universe "howls the burial song of its own death/ And we, the Apes of a cold God, still cherish/ The Viper..."


In another poem, Marx avenges himself against God, and then like Shiva the Destroyer, 'shatters the world.':


"I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above.../ I wander Godlike through the ruins of the world.../ I feel equal to the Creator./ Everything in existence is worth being destroyed."


Marx's demonic hate, violence, and will-to-power attracted similar individuals: Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot for example.  These dark-souled individuals surrounded themselves with armies of destroyers who visited chaos, destruction and death upon the states they controlled. 


The dark, blood-soaked fantasies of these demonically occludedindividuals became reality when they:

1) had obtained the power to act them out,

2) had transmitted their demonic fantasies to sufficient numbers of other people who then carried out  sadistic tortures--including crucifixions---bloodletting, terror, etc.


When GK Chesterton realized that the darkness of iniquity fueled the evil-minded Pied Pipers within the 'inner circle,'  he aptly named progressivism the Liberal Death Wish, for the Evil Eye, once unleashed, must kill and destroy everything its basilisk eye falls upon.