Commentary by Linda: Why Ideas have Consequences

Leftists and their yapping-propagandizers in mainstream media, love to remind Christians and Conservatives that their religious convictions are simply their personal beliefs and therefore need to be kept out of political and legal processes. 


The funny thing about personal beliefs though, is that over time and with momentum, they become political processes and law.  

Evolutionary theory for example, is a theory.   Yet today it has become the 'law of the land.'  Why?  Because nonbelievers believe that evolution is an origin of life account that's true while the Genesis account of origins is false.    


Abortion is no less than the killing of human life, yet because some people prefer to kill the unborn for a variety of personal reasons, their personal beliefs and preferences have become law as well.  Consequently, 'we the people' no longer possess an 'inalienable right to life,' since if the right to life can be denied to the unborn and to individuals such as Terri Schiavo, it follows that no one possesses the right to life. 


There are only two sexes: male and female. Yet again we see that because some people prefer to redefine perversion as 'gender' orientation, their 'beliefs' and 'tastes' have become the law of the land. As a consequence, perversions are now practiced openly in public and protected by law.  Additionally,  perversions are now taught to this nation's youth under the politically correct banner of 'inclusion and diversity.'  By extension of this 'logic,' mankind is no longer 'male and female.'  What are we?  Androgynous (he-she's and she-he's) beings.


As we can see, ideas and the beliefs based upon them,  have consequences. Either we stand up in defense of what we believe is true and right, or we will find ourselves existing in an upside-down dark-fantasy realm on the other side of Alice's Looking Glass.