Commentary by Linda: The Left's Peculiar'Scientific Reasoning'

Lefists are rather peculiarly disattached from reality.   Among the bizarre beliefs they view as true is that onlyConservatives and Christians have 'beliefs," and among those beliefs is the  conviction that unchanging truths (absolutes) do in fact exist.   Leftists of course, know better than to believe that truth exists because when God 'died,' truth died as well.  Because Leftists believe this to be true, they know for a fact that Chrstians and Conservatives are demented.


About themselves, Leftists strangely believe---and believe  with absolute conviction---that what they believe to be true is neither truth nor belief,  but empirically verifiable scientific facts.  They know this must be true because high-priests of scientism such as Richard Dawkins have told them over and over again that neither truth nor God exist.  And individuals like Dawkins never lie but always tell the truth, even though truth doesn't exist, and of course if truth doesn't exist then neither do lies.