Commentary by Linda: The 'Gay' Swindle

Among the many social crises we are experiencing today is 'gay' rights and whether or not the right thing to do is to allow 'gays'  to partake of marriage or to legalize their 'partnership' via civil unions. However, by far the larger and most critically fundamental issue concerns God's created order of being.   With regards to man, ".....He made them male and female..."     In other words, there are only 2 sexes, male and female.

 "Gay' rights is a swindle that hinges on the inversion of both God's moral law and created order of being.  That is, it deceptively calls for us to accept that 'sex' is 'what individuals do' (carnal knowledge) and 'gender' is what mankind is.   In its true definition however, gender refers to an abstract sense of maleness or femaleness applied to nonlife forms such as ships, storms, etc.  Even here though, gender only and ever applies to an abstraction of the two sexes precisely because there are no other sexes.

Political correctness, hate crime laws and speech codes serve as the 'gay swindle's' inverted 'morality'.'  It's purpose is to dupe and/or coerce us into accepting this unnatural inverted order of being,  that is, mankind, rather than being of two sexes, must be imagined as a continuum of gender orientations, ie., homosexual, pederast, pedophile, coprophile, sado-masochist and an ever-unfolding fetishism.   

 The 'gay' swindle inverts and erases both the true order of being and companion  moral law and replaces them (truth and reality) with the lie and the dark fantasy. 

The 'gay' project is totalitarian in nature precisely because the 'new' reality/utopia they are trying to create is a fantasy of unnaturalness which is naturally repellant to the majority of people, hence the need for terror tactics such as hate crime laws.  

With our focus on whether 'gay' marriage or civil unions is the 'right thing to do,' we've been sidetracked from the most important issue:  Is mankind of two sexes (male and female) or of  ever-unfolding 'gender orientations'?

Should we be duped into settling on either 'gay marriage' or civil unions, then by consequence, we will have given moral legitimation to  unnatural impulses and their outward manifestations.    By extension, if 'gay' impulses and their outward behaviors are morally legitimate (social goods), then inverted morality will eventually demand the legitimization of ALL dark impulses and their outward manifestations.