Commentary by Linda: The hypocrisy and Deceit of Liberal Immoralists

We hear it over and over:  Liberals demonizing and casting stones against Yahweh, our middle class, the Ten Commandments, Christmas and Easter, gunowners, the traditional family, straight white people, orthodox Christians and Jews, our military, Reagan, Limbaugh, Pres. Bush, and now Sarah Palin and McCain----the list goes on and on ad nauseum 

McCain, preach Liberal moralists,  is NO hero.   He obviously enjoyed raining fire and brimstone down on innocent people.   Five years as a POW was  his just reward for bombing civilians, women and children. 

Sarah Palin? Why she is as morally contemptible as McCain.  Among a laundry list of sins,  she's guilty of one of the most egregious: She said hurtful things about Liberal community organizers.   

Granted, McCain and Palin are  weak and corruptible; they are sinners.   But they are no less the sinner, that is, no less weakand corruptible than anyone else, including God-denyng Liberals.  Yet Palin and McCain admit to their weaknesses, their failabity.  They know they are sinners.   Liberals, on the other hand, refuse to admit that they are sinners.  Instead, they take narcissistic comfort in the Enlightenment fantasy of man's 'goodness,'  and from behind that mask of self-deception, hurl vicious, incessant accusations of evil-doing against Conservatives, orthodox Christians and individuals of every creed and color who support traditional-values America.   Liberal icons are in general, not just weak and corrupt like Darwin, but quite often, are downright evil.  Machiavelli, Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Che Guiverra for instance, were indisputably evil.  Marx's Communist Manifesto, a document by which Marx's diabolicism is transmitted and by whose demonic authority Liberals and their ilk have wrought demonic destruction, suffering, and genocide on a scale never before witnessed in the history of the world, is not just a canon of Liberalism's literature, but its 'anti-bible.' 

Another of Liberalism's dark-icons and prophets is Friedrich Nietzsche, whose madman announced that 'we have killed God!'  In the tradition of Nimrod, who set himself up as God, Nietzsche's dark fantasy was to be a godlike Superman.  His virulent narcissism and envy of God was palpable, ugly and repellant.   Yet he clearly understood something that Liberals from Karl Marx to Lenin, and the bulk of American Liberals either don't comprehend, or if they do, refuse to admit.  And that is this:

Christian morality cannot be separated from Yahweh,  hence from orthodox Christianity (as opposed to Liberal Christianity, which is not true Christianity).  

Paul tells us there are, and have always been, only two religons.  He describes them like this:   Either man serves and worships the Creator of the universe, or he worships and serves the creation (nature).  In rejecting Yahweh, Leftists are left with Nature as the creator of everything.  

However, as Nietzsche clearly understood, morality cannot be gleaned from Nature---not from Marx's deified Matter, from Hegel's pantheist Absoute Spirit, Liberal Christianity's depersonalized God, nor from the New Age's quasi-Buddhist-Luciferian Overmind. 

Nature, as Nietzsche knew, is impersonal, unknowing, and therefore unconcerned with right and wrong.   It merely 'is,' hence hideous death and suffering simply exists alongside of beautiful butterflies and innocent, frisky foals, puppies, and kittens.

By extension of Nietzsche's terrible logic, the West's Yahweh-deniers have NO SOURCE for morality---no source for their vaunted concerns, either over war and its casualties, or for that matter,  for any of their much crowed-about 'social justice' concerns.    Their brand of 'morality' merely boils down to their miserable personal opinions, which in the main, are grounded in their own selfish desires.  Apart from Yahweh, they have absolutely no source for the 'moral judgements' they pass against McCain, Palin, or against anyone for that matter.   This makes every Yahweh-denying Liberal in America a hypocrite of the lowest order.   Why do we listen to them?  They are tantamount to tantrum-throwing two-year olds and ought to be treated as such.  

Yet even more diabolically, Liberal 'morality' is in fact, the anti-morality called for by Marx and Nietzsche, that is, it is inverted morality: Good is evil, evil is good.  War is peace and peace is war.  Uglyness is beauty and beauty is ugliness.  The unnnatural is natural and natural is unnatural.  Death is life, and life is death. Or as Orwell noted: 2+2=5.

For all of these reasons, GK Chesterton called Liberalism a "Death Wish" while Alexander Solzhenitsyn condemned it as the twin pillars of lies and violence.