Commentary by Linda: On Dealing with Liberals

A deep and ever widening chasm exists in America today.  On one side are those who seek to defend and restore America's founding principles, morality, and ideals, and on the other side are those who, in quest of a New World Order, seek the destruction of America's founding principles, morality, and ideals.  America's defenders are orthodox Christians and Conservatives.  Those who seek America's destruction are Liberals, an umbrella term for humanists of every stripe, that is, Marxists, Seculars, and Progressives. In the eyes of these people, America's defenders are nothing less than forces of evil.

Liberalism speaks with two voices.  One voice speaks seductively to the poor and downtrodden saying, "Come, follow me and I'll dry your tears, heal your wounds, and build a society of peace, justice, and harmony."

The other voice whispers seductively to the darkest aspects of human nature---Pride (narcissism), Greed, Lust, Covetousness, and Envy.  Speaking directly to Pride, which it seeks to inflate, it says, "Come, follow me and all of this will be yours: Exaltation, for all who are Liberals will be exalted above all others.  Power, for all who are Liberals will possess Power to Create, to create both a New World, and a New Man."

In our dealings with the latter sort of Liberal, we need to recognize that  their responses, which very often take the form of belittlement, insults, and snide accusations, spring directly from their inflated sense of Pride.

In my dealings with Liberals in on-line forums, it's not unusual for a Liberal to hurl ugly, belittling accusations against me such as the following, " spout compound names and multisyllabic terms and thumb through books with one hand and type with the other so the words move from one hand to the other, bypassing your brain."

Another thing we need to understand about Liberals is that they are in deep denial of their conscience, that is, of their guilt.  The funny thing about man's guilty conscience though----the greater thedegree of denial, the greater the degree of "Freudian slip" or forced confession.    A pathological liar for instance, will eventually expose himself as a liar by the very fact that everywhere he looks he suspects that he sees liars. The suspicious liar is also a narcissist, and its his narcissism that drives him to measure everyone else against himself, thus because he lies, everyone else must lie.   The accusation of lying which the liar hurls against the innocent is in fact, a confession of his guilt, for what he is really saying is that he hates lies and liars. 

The accusation reveals yet more ugliness---the ugliness of envy, the toxic weed that always grows from inflated pride.  Nasty put-downs, cruel belittlement, gossip and other forms of snide backbiting, ugly whispers, and most particularly, outright accusations are indicators that envy is at work .

Envy seeks to bring dishonor upon and even to destroy the object of its  Basilisk gaze.  No matter its form---gossip, backstabbing, belittlement, the accusation---its underlying message is: "I'm 'number one' so don't pay attention to that person---pay attention to me instead, for all attention and glory should be mine"


In your dealings with Liberals, understand that when they attack you, belittle you, or lodge ugly accusations against you, they are transferring their guilt upon you.  By making you the scapegoat for their guilt, they feel free to attack you.  In reality, all they have accomplished is the exposure of their two-headed hydra: narcissism and envy.  In short, they have confessed their own guilt and thereby brought shame and dishonor upon themselves.  That is how you need to see and understand their attacks against you.  Understand the dynamics of scapegoating, and the next time you deal with a Liberal, refuse to accept the transfer of their guilt.