Commentary by Linda: Why Liberalism is Immoral,Dishonest, Irrational, Illogical

Orthodox Christian and Conservative defenders of America are constantly accused by Liberals of 'evil-doing.'  McCain stands accused of having a nasty, ugly temper.  Sarah Palin stands accused of being pro-life and pro-traditional family. President Bush is guilty of waging an illegal war.  Straight people are guilty of homophobia.  White-skinned people are guilty of racism.  The stone-casting goes on and on ad nauseum.


The purpose of today's commentary is not to defend ugly, nasty tempers or for that matter, any sort of legitimately wrong act. The purpose of this commentary is to demonstrate the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of Liberalism, which today calls itself Postmodernism. In short, this commentary will demonstrate that Liberalism is immoralism and by extension, Liberals are both dishonest and hypocritical in their stone-casting, for they deny that immutable truths and moral law exist,  and thus possess no overarching moral authority.   

Today, Liberalism is Postmodernism, which is now the prevailing currency in America.  Postmodernism is an ideological permutation of Secular (atheist) Humanism and its various admixtures: Socialism, Progressive Liberalism, etc.


Being openly quasi-Buddhist and pantheist, Postmodernism sees God (or in the language of Star Wars, 'The Force') as being "in all things,' that is,  in bugs, furniture, people, animals, garbage, rocks, raw sewage, and so on.  And because The Force is in constant motion (it evolves) Postmodernism emphatically declares that there is no right way, no wrong way, no unchanging truths, and hence no lies.  By extension of this reasoning, Postmodernism tells us that what we believe is evil or bad is simply the other side of The Force.   Therefore cancer, abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, and suicide, like lies and sadomasochism are neither good nor bad but simply the two sides of The Force. The Force then, is neither good nor bad, natural nor unnatural, normal nor abnormal.  If this is true, then McCain's temper is neither bad nor nasty and sadomasochists and all other people who call themselves 'gay' are simply manifestations of The Force. 


In the Postmodern view, man possesses no free will.  Rather, he is an extension of The Force, and as a consequence, a helpless victim of its' outworkings.  By this reasoning, McCain is a puppet and The Force is both his 'string-puller' and 'mouthpiece.'  And as McCain is a helpless puppet, it is wrong to hold him culpable for the workings of The Force.  


It's precisely this warped reasoning that causes Liberals to view capital punishment and heteronormativity (being straight) as evil.   Only Christian theism, America's founding worldview, declares in no uncertain terms that McCain's temper is "ugly and nasty,'  therefore wrong.  Why?  Because Yahweh is only Good; He is not a mixture of good and evil.   In this view, good and bad are as distinct from each other  as are the two sexes, male and female.  This view is completely counter to Postmodernism, which blurs the line between good and bad and male and female.

In this view, McCain possesses free will and is capable of choosing to either act on his nasty temper impulses or to choose instead to refrain from acting on those impulses.  "Gay's' are also capable of choosing to either act on their unnatural impulses or to choose not to act on them, and if they exercised impulse-control, contends Christian theism, both the AIDs epidemic and the 'gay' agenda would no longer plague our culture.  

It's precisely because we do possess free-will and because all human life is made in the image of God and therefore possesed of a God-given right to life that murderers must be held accountable for their evil-choices.  This is why traditional-values Americans support capital punishment for murderers and other forms of punishment for thieves, rapists, and so on.

Now either Postmodernism is true, (despite the fact that it says there are no unchanging truths and universal moral law) and Christian theism is false, or Christian theism is true and Postmodernism false.    Both can't be true, for that would defy the law of logic, even though Postmodernism by its nature, must deny logic for the same reason it must deny unchanging truths and the realities described by them.

In real terms, Liberals have absolutely no  grounds for complaint, let alone their stone-casting, for by reason of Postmodern 'logic,' Liberalism boils down to immoralism and chaos.  By passing judgement upon orthodox Christians and Conservatives,  Liberals demonstrate that they possess no understanding of the logical consequences of the ideas they hold to be true.  For one thing, if Liberals possess no free will as they contend, then they are nothing but tap-dancing, noise-making puppets of The Force.   Liberalism, as we can see, is irrational, illogical, dishonest, immoral, and wholy hypocritical.