Commentary by Linda: On Pigs in Lipstick and Poison Stilettos

They've always walked among us---hugely arrogant, power-lusting Machiavellians.  Their pride (narcissism) vastly inflated, driven by dark impulses and emotions, they are ready and willing, as was the evil Machiavelli,  to do and say whatever it takes to achieve control and power. Narcissistic predators fueled by hate, they gaze upon us with smiling eyes that disguise cold calculation and cruel intent.  Bold lies cover the outward projection of a compassion, morality, and righteousness that is faked.  A decent, law-abiding person dares to stand up to the bully; out comes the first poison stiletto. Boldly....brazenly... in full public view, it slides in smoothly, cunningly disguised as a quasi-joke about pigs and lipstick. Like-minded sadists laugh and titter, weak-minded nihilists follow suit.


Upon protest, the second poison stilletto---an utterly false protestation of innocence slyly claiming, "It was only a political quip--can't you understand a quip?' --- slices quickly, neatly, and with cruel satisfaction,  into the intended victim's back.   Like a pack of dogs scenting blood, sadistic Liberal media nihilists quickly position themselves to both enjoy the blood sport and condition duped-masses to view malignant intent as innocent misunderstanding. In a smooth, practiced inversion of reality, the real victim becomes the evil-doer, and the evil-doer becomes the victim--- evil becomes good, good becomes evil.  A suggestion of mental illness causd by Christian 'fundamentalism' is offered to duped-masses for their consideration.


America was founded on the timeless truths and principles found only in the Bible.  There it tells us a truth found entirely offensive to most men.  That enduring truth is this:  Mankind is fallen, he is a sinner, consequently power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. 


Our Constitutional Republic was designed for a morally virtuous people, said one of our founders, it is ill-suited to any other. Morally virtuous people restrain their base impulses and emotions, teach their children to do so, and demand that their elected officials be virtuous as well.    Yet America is fast becoming a criminal enterprise run by power-mad immoralists in black robes and psychopaths who boldly terrorize and oppress decent people with hate crime laws and speech codes, among other devices of lawlessness utilized by our increasingly  corrupt government.  


Christianity, Christian symbols, Christian holidays, and our traditional institutions (ie., traditional family, property rights, freedom of speech and conscience)  are under vicious assault by the indecent and lawless. Words are fast becoming meaningless; truth is a plaything in the hands of corruptible man.  Virtue is missing in action, while lies, obscenity, blasphemy, homosexuality, abortion, porn, violence, and promiscuity are now the popular currency. 


The downward-spiral of our society can only be halted by our determined  return to a firm belief in the timeless truths on which our nation was founded.  It is not enough though, that we simply believe in them; we must put them to practice, for it's only through our practice of universal moral law (ie., Ten Commandments) that it acts as an invisible shield, protecting the decent and lawabiding from the Machiavellians and ilk of that sort.    It is only when we admit to and repent of our own sins that we can demand that elected officials, 'gay' activists, porn pushers, abortionists, 'goddess feminists', and the like, do so as well.   If we want a decent, law-abiding society once again, where individual liberty florishes, it must begin with each and every one of us.