Commentary by Linda: Calif Bans Bride and Groom

A young couple was recently denied a marriage license in California on the basis of their refusal to conform to a recently enacted politically correct mandate.  The mandate in question is a requirement calling for the erasure of sex-specific terms such as bride, groom, male, female, mother, father, and so on.  Out of fairness to 'gay' beings, all people are now required to identify themselves in non-sex specific terms such as 'partner 1 and partner 2,' and other such outrageous nonsense. The couple refused to identify themselves in sex-neutral terms and as a consequence, were refused a state marriage license.


It was under Lenin & Trotsky and their gnostic-God-building Bolsheviksthat the first attempt was made to erase the created order of being (male/female createdness) and to re-engineer mankind into unisex or androgynous beings.  Marxist Communist gnosticism evolved out of the virulently anti-Yahweh and orthodox Christian French Revolution, which also spawned National Socialism (Nazism) and America's Progressive Fascism, which today calls itself Liberalism. 


The social-reengineering of man was done in tandem with an attempt at destroying the traditional family as well.  So hugely catastrophic was this experimentation that after Stalin came to power he put an abrupt end to it.  This is one of the reasons why America's gnostic-gender-bendering New Left hates Stalin.


Today's New Left gnostics, that is for example, Democratic socialists, ACLU, judicial activists, NEA, GLSEN, GLAAD, academic Marxists (and fellow travelers), control most of our culture-shaping institutions (ie, universities, schools, media, entertainment, judiciary, etc) and are forcing their dark gnostic fantasies onto Americans.   This is what is behind political correctness, speech codes, hate crime laws, the 'gay' liberation movement, and this most recent ruling in California.   It's not about 'gay' rights; it's about destroying our traditional order, which includes of course, the created order of being and the traditional family.